New year again 

So much for that New Years resolution! Well here is another year and here I go again, I had found a job shortly after that and had noooo time for anything but here I am pick up 2 different businesses which are photography and arbonne. Just started a diet again with arbonne and I’m looking forward to getting back to healthy life style 

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New year new life

image image image

A couple of amazing things that took place while I was on a far away break from this web date. If I’m really not up to date check out my Instagram Roxyluvssb 😀 I sure am more up to date with it due to my busy life as a new married woman and as a wife I’m learning to handle my life and making my home a friendly but beautiful atmosphere. A couple of parties coming up on this few months. If there any questions you may have about me doing parties for you or anyone?! I would love to be part of your event and creating your event more alive! More to talk about soon

Winter Wonderland




I wanted to make a special event where I could make this event my cover and now I was finally able to make the event happen although I would love to make a continuation with it. The plan is to have a fire pit in the backyard, have some bacon Winnies, hot chocolate, soup, cupcakes, and everything that makes a winter wonderland more warm because its so cold at night, ok ok sort of cold outside. I just want to use the new fire pit my boyfriend made in his back yard. When he’s done I’ll picks for sure but in the mean time here’s my pictures for my winter wonderland theme for black Friday wind down night with my family and friends. Happy Holidays, Hope everyone is doing great so far for the holidays.




Beach Spa

   inspirationinspiration 2

                                         MINE ^

From this website called   This website has all the crafty people advertised to share their beautiful designs. I found this on pinterest and got some amazing ideas and I love the fact that I took the time to see if I could find anything inspirational for my rental home with a bathroom that had no love to it. So I gave it a bit more love took the idea of bringing the beach to my bathroom because I love the beach so I bought a lantern and made my self grey and put up some fish on my walls.


 let there be light

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I have a class mate her name is Farah, she is currently in my business in design class at as ASU who is very motivated in what she’s done and I love all the creativity she brings when posting her blogs, I see a lot of constancy for her in explaining the make up, hair, and anything with the world of beauty. This is so interesting to me because a girl needs to keep up with her own beauty in the fashion world updates. Not only that but I need to keep up with my beauty when going out to impress at events all the time. In this image she explains about Sephora bringing a new product, check her website out on

Zombie Affect


I know, I know, It isn’t Halloween anymore! But let me tell you something this past week since Halloween I’ve been all candied out with all the sugar all the kids didn’t pick up from the block.Oh and all the soda  from this party I been planning for a while when working with my sister and her boyfriend with revamping their garage in organization and design. Throughout the place I helped with certain details of designing this place. Wanted to keep more originality because Halloween seems to be very simply cheaply made crafts. So in this design I gathered very idea from the person who was going to have the party and asked me to plan together in what we do for Halloween, and in the ending it turned into a great success because after keeping this place completely clean and into the game room this young man was planning and making the grand opening for people on Halloween. I learned a couple things when you plan a party:

Keep in mind of Eating Before YOU FINISH the FINAL product to make the Design Beauty

Have a Clean Up Crew for the future because the people who set up are going to be Tired

When ordering anything online plan many weeks ahead ( this is for buying costumes)

I know that keeping these things in mind I will learn more and more to make someones event to perfection. Comment and let me know what you think is good to keep in mind for future events.


ph3 handmade Haunted Mansion House From Joanns


Dexter and Lady GAGA (costumer winner)ph6


Table made from a Dance Dance Revolution  Piece found from good will and connected to the table ph5

The Shelf was made out of skateboards and the panels beside the tv was a hole and that was covered with boards and colored to the same shelfs



Couch Project


So I am planning to reupholster my couch and couldn’t find the perfect fabric because people tend to go with some old trends at Joans, no offense to their amazing fabrics they provide but I need more of a selection  a designer who wants to create an amazing home for her future home. I would love to one day to look at it and say hey this is the best element I brought to my home when I got it given by a friends. I will show more details of this couch from the beginning to the ending. A little hint I will be using this couch in my own photography line Yo La Tengo.

Stay Tunned

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I love this because not only it was mentioned to me as an event planner but this trade how has so many creative line to it that just means I need to put more effort in what I gather in my designs and such. I do believe that I could use a eye for gathering my ideas and also ways of getting to know others. My favorite part is that in this trade show David Tutera was on this and if I were to go to this next trade show to talk to him or even see him would be an amazing treat when going to Vegas. I can see great potential in getting to meet others in the industry. To see more information about this trade show check it out  if your a potential event planner or event want to be in the industry on

Perfect Me

All little about my personal life, the topic doesn’t mean I am perfect or anything it just means that I have the perfect teeth finally. I love that my teeth in the past 2 years have improved check out my progress on my teeth so see more of my progress check out my other blog

For those who want to know more about where I got my braces in the Arizona area of mesa check them out on they have got great services and have an amazing location on valvista and brown. Worth the money in the ending. As a person who wants to look great for a event and is a open person that way you comfortable with me as a person.

Dream Venue


My dream location is this beautify area in front of you. I’ve taken pictures here. The benefit of this lot is that it used to have many business that you can of these locations into something important. The lot is 2.9 acres long.  I love how it has a bridge with water to fill in it. the building has a huge area where people can walk in and dance, have an office, studio for photograohy, a restaurant area, share salon to prep for the event, and it’s got it’s old vintage style where everyone has a past brought to then but in a modern way where everything is cleaned up. I see this place where all designers have a place to create beauty for any event that happens in their life and this place is the place to be.